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Gallant Cove Aussies

Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful Aussies. Their physical beauty is clearly apparent. They are loyal to their families, and are easily trained.

Customer Comments

Penny is adjusting to her new home very well! She's a happy, smart, and playful puppy. She's the center of attention wherever she goes! Vannieca and Kenneth were extremely communicative and helpful throughout the process, and we look forward to keeping them updated on Penny's progress. We also look forward to watching Penny grow into a sophisticated young lady! Jacob Coats


PENNY-Swagger & Gisele Pup!

We purchased our first Aussie "Diana Prince" from Gallant Cove Aussie's about a year and a half ago and this baby turned out to be the best dog we have ever owned. She was so intelligent, so loyal and tremendously loving. She was so awesome that we came back and snatched us up another one "Leia Rey" last week. Gallant Cove Aussie's doesn't disappoint and we would have traveled across the world to get these dogs. The Barnes' have been so helpful and informative through the whole process that it made our experience even more enjoyable. These puppies were part of their family and we are so Blessed they have shared them with us. Aug 27 , 2019 Madison, AL Thanks Vannieca,


Diana Prince & Leia Rey

I made a phone call to a breeder off the internet, and it was the best decision I could have possibly made. Gallant Cove is a wonderful place, immaculate, well run, and a wonderful beginning for a new puppy and it's new family. Vannieca couldnt have been more helpful and informative all through the process. I have never had a puppy, and my Granddaughter came to live with us and wanted an Australian Shepherd. I was nervous to say the least, but then by a very uncanny turn of events, ended up with TWO puppies!!! The ride has been filled with wonderful moments and lots of potty on my floor, but these babies are precious!! I wouldn't change a thing. Not only we stop traffic everywhere we go, I never realized how much people love Australian Shepherds. I have never been a dog, cat, or pet person of any kind, but these puppies will change your heart and this breeder will change your life with this fabulous breed of dogs. Thank you Vannieca for everything. 

Terri Walton

Watching my granddaughter work with these babies 

warms my heart

Id like to introduce you to Ali. I found Ali on PuppyFind, and it was love at first sight. I raise Aussies up in Iowa, so instead of driving 13 hours to get her, my mom chartered a plane, and we flew into Northeast Alabama Regional Airport in Gadsden, Alabama. We were met at the airport with Ali by her owner, and the rest is history. We flew back home, and she has been a part of our family ever since. She is a very smart and loving dog, who I have come to know as my best friend. With her funny and quirky personality she definitely rules the roost in our house! You can definitely tell that Gallant Cove spoiled them in the Alabama heat. She came home to an Iowa summer, and she spent most of the time laying on the air conditioning vent. I couldn?t recommend Gallant Cove Aussies enough. They were great to deal with, and they raise beautiful Aussies! Karlie

Karlie Proesch

Miss Ali goes to Iowa

Vannieca and Kenneth are two awesome breeders who breed Aussie pups for the enjoyment of getting to others experience this wonderful breed. They were very flexible when coordinating the pickup up of my new puppy and even went so far as to offer locations that were more convenient to me. When I picked up my puppy he was already very socialized around people and good natured towards other dogs. Overall I would give them a 5 out 5 for the way they helped me with everything. I still text Vannieca questions and she is very timely with response and advice. Thank you so much very everything you've done to help me! Sincerely, Daniel & Walker Caudle from Memphis, TN

Mans Best Friend-Walker

Home style Hospiatality

Vannieca, I just wanted to let you know haw much we enjoyed the experience at Gallant Cove. When our first Aussie passed several months ago, such a great dog, I wasn't sure we could get another. My grandson who lives with us found your web site and wanted to go look at the puppies. He is a high school football player, a shoulder injury has sidelined him all summer. The doctor won't even let me take him fishing for fear of further injury. Well of course we found "Blue", my grandson recently told me this has been his BEST summer ever.! I am 70 and have been a "dog person" my whole life. Australian Shepherds are such a fantastic breed. Their loyalty and unique ability to bond with the family is amazing. Those of you who have owned an Aussie know exactly what I'm talking about. Those of you contemplating getting one will not be disappointed. It is obvious Vannieca and her family have put a lot of work into the kennel. These folks will bend over backwards, The Grasso family, Florida

Went The Extra Mile!

Time well spent from Penscacola, FL to Gallant Cove Aussies

Vennieca, Just wanted to touch base and thank you again for the wonderful experience we had with you and Gallant Cove Aussies. Our beautiful red Bella Cheyenne, we call her Cheyenne and Chey (shy) for short is such a blessing in our lives. She turned 1 last week and has grown into the smartest, loving and most loyal companion that any family could ask for. We are asked all the time where we got her and I always give out your name with lots of praise. If you have any business cards you could send us I would love to share them down here in L.A.! Lower Alabama that is LOL!

Ron & Robin of Panama City, FL

Cheyenne turns 1!

Thank you Gallant Cove Aussies ! Our purchase of 3 adorable puppies at once went so well. The communication and updated pictures until the pickup dates were so thoughtful. Meeting us twice and the last minute additional pup purchase sums it all up. Mrs. Barnes, we cannot say enough how much we appreciate you and everything done on our behalf. The three brothers are beautiful ! You have the best looking pups of anywhere and believe me I do my research for a 10 year plus time investment.Their temperaments are kind and all are very sharp ! Again, Thank you from our family to your family. The Crist family of Kentucky

Crist Family of Kentucky

3 in 1 Accord

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how appreciative I am to you for everything! Bear is such a delight to have around. I can really tell that yall love what yall do a great deal and am so happy that I met yall. He is such a smart dog and I am thankful for him on a daily basis. Yall are truly a class act and it is evident in the way yall care for the puppies. Thanks so much for everything!! Josh Jeffreys



There are simply no words to properly express the thanks owed to Gallant Cove Aussies for allowing us to make "Tallulah" a part of our family! Right from the beginning, Vannieca very patiently answered all our questions and didn't hesitate to send pictures. When we visited their outstanding kennel, she sat with us as long as we needed to select our baby. She intuitively told us that we would not pick the puppy, the puppy would pick us. Oh, was she ever right! Tallulah is the love of our lives! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also the most loving, well-behaved dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning. Gallant Cove Aussies truly breeds one-of-a-kind dogs! Susan


My Heart!

"SKYE" Our Blue Merle female, she was born just over a year ago. From the first time we contacted Gallant Cove we knew they were the breeders we wanted to partner with for our next dog. The professionalism and customer service skills are unparalleled and their facilities are top of the line. Only being a couple of hours from the breeders, we took the opportunity to see the puppy we had picked and the breeding grounds she was coming from. Gallant Cove opened their doors to us and we were blown away with the amount of time, effort, and finances they put into making the facility so nice, it was evident that they strived to be the best. When it was time to pick Skye up and take her home, they were very accommodating. When we got her home, we knew that we had chosen then right dog and breeder. She is unbelievably smart and has all of the natural herding skills of an Australian Shepherd. Skye 6/3/2014-(Sydney-Swagger pup)

Blake, Candice & Skye Stewart

"We Couldn't Be Happier With Our Decision"

Hi Vannieca, We wanted to give you an update on our puppy, Foster (Blue Merle Male). He is absolutely the best dog imaginable. He is so happy, he smiles all the time, and he is so so smart! He was ringing the bell to go potty at 4 months! He walks totally off the leash now. He plays with our cats and loves people and other dogs! He is loved by everyone wherever we go. Honestly he is brilliant! We would love another dog from you! We want a companion for Foster.. Thanks again for taking such good care of Foster when he was born and before he came to live with us. We know love and care very early on is vital to a healthy and happy dog.

Penny of Atlanta, GA

The Best Aussie Imaginable-Blue Merle Male-Foster 


First and foremost we have to say Thank You Vannieca for the most incredible experience. From day one when we decided to get our Bella Cheyenne,, she made sure we stayed connected to our new baby through pictures and emails. Vannieca made us feel like she was truly as excited as we were about getting Cheyenne, And Cheyenne, WOW! One of the most beautiful Aussies we have ever seen. Smart too! She has stolen the hearts of our entire family and we are looking forward to many years of memories we are going to make together. We would highly recommend Gallant Cove Aussies to anyone who is straddling the fence about where to get their new family member!

Ron & Robin White of Panama City, Florida

Cheyenne, Our Red Tri Girl

I have to say Lhotse is such a special puppy. He is my third Australian shepard and while they are all loveable-they are as different as night and day. Lhotse is quite the 'southern gentleman'-calm, polite and very loveable. He has come into our little family and won everyones hearts-even our older Aussie's-they play endlessly and I want to thank you for the gift of a very sweet, even tempered -beautful dog. I am including a few shots of him so you won't miss seeing him grow up b/c I know you have loved all the puppies you have raised-its evident in how well adjusted and loving they are-oh and a certain amount of credit goes to their momma and dad too!!!!! robin Salt Lake City, Utah March 2014

Robin Waxman of Salt Lake City, Utah

My special lil Blu merle boy LHotse

I ADORE my Gallant Cove Aussie puppy, Tris. You can tell by pictures/pedigree the excellent quality they are, but when I saw her in person I was still amazed. Not only is she the PERFECT Aussie, she is so well socialized and fearless. There is not hint of shyness in my baby girl! She has adjusted immediately and has already proved how smart she is. She is my dream dog! I have to say, I may end up with another Gallant Cove puppy in the future :) - Sam(Samantha) Tennessee

Samantha Walker

Tris, my DREAM dog!

We are so pleased to have found Gallant Cove Australian Shepherds. Vannieca was willing to let us come out and see the facilities, meet the puppies, and the parents. We had a hard time finding the right breeder and are very lucky that we looked around. We especially love that she introduced them to different environments and had very clean kennels. Vannieca was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped us in our journey. We would recommend purchasing a puppy from her any day and will look to her again in the years to come.

Jacque Humeniuk

Happy Family

We have had our vet check out our new puppy, He was described as "absolutely perfect"! Because of his unique appearance, we have name him Merlin. He is happy and healthy. We couldn't love him more. Gallant Cove Aussies, Thanks!

Barbara Coltry

Merlin (Blue Merle Male)

Thanks For Such A Great Puppy. I Had Her Tested. Her Test Results Are Below. She Is Doing Well. I Had This Test Done Because 2 Other Puppies I Took To The Vet For Vaccinations And Heart Worm Prevention Died A Week Later. They Were Given Advantage Multi Which I Suspect Killed Them. The Necropsy Is Not Complete Yet. But Parvo And Any Other Illnesses Were Ruled Out. Thanks Again, Butch Ortego MDR1 GENOTYPING RESULTS 4/12/2013 8:45:10 AM MDR1 - 32730 Berchman Ortego Eunice, LA Submission Type: Brush Dog Name: Lilly Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd Test Result: Normal/Normal

Butch Ortego

Thanks for a healthy pup!!!

We Love Our Beautiful New Puppy From Gallant Cove Aussies. Everybody Who meets Her Wants To Take Her Home. I Have Bought Aussies From Other Kennels Before But This Little Girl Is Already Showing Signs That She Is Going To Be A Very Special Dog. It Is Evident That The Owners At Gallont Cove Aussies Put A Lot Into Their Dogs. I Recommend Them To Anyone Who Is Looking For An Aussie.

Butch Ortego

Very Happy Customer

-Blake and Candice Stewart Skye 6/3/2014 (Sydney/Swagger pup)

Blake, Candice & Skye Stewart

Couldn't Be Happier

Thanks again to Gallant Cove Aussies! Foster has turned out to be the best dog I have ever owned. August 16, 2012

Landon of Auburn, AL.

The best dog I've ever owned, Black Tri Male