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Gallant Cove Aussies

Our goal is to raise healthy, beautiful Aussies. Their physical beauty is clearly apparent. They are loyal to their families, and are easily trained.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole"

Vanneicia, I could never express to you how much we adore Ryder, our healthy almost 8 month old! He is completely FULL of energy. We sure made a wonderful decision when we welcomed him into our family! He is absolutely brilliant, and very attached to me. Ryder is protective in a way that he will automatically alert me when he hears a different “walk” coming into our house. But yet he is such a loving dog, and he truly brings so much joy to our lives! Thank you for raising these amazing dogs and sharing them with us! I hope we have many years together!

   Lakelee and DJ


Hi, wishing you all the best from Athens and I wanted to send you and update now that little Cannon is already almost 9 months old! I couldn't thank you enough for how absolutely wonderful he is and the care that you put into every puppy truly shows. He is the most outgoing, friendly, happy-go-lucky, and goofy guy and I've adored him since day one. Everyday we go out, I get compliments about how gorgeous he is and I owe it to your beautiful dogs and how carefully and lovingly you breed them to carry on their wonderful disposition and temperament. Being able to come visit all the pups and see your kennels and the yard gave me the extra peace of mind and comfort knowing that each puppy and dog is well loved and cared for immensely. Cannon is perfectly healthy and free of any allergies or unforeseen issues. As I said, I cannot thank you enough for the care you put into each dog and wish you nothing but the best and if the time comes, I can't imagine getting another new pup anywhere else!

I attached some pictures for you as well and hope everything is going well in Gallant Cove!

Thanks again,

Laura and Cannon Hamilton 

My compliments to you and GCA and the wonderful dogs you breed. Our experience with Gallant Cove Aussies was professional and wonderful. From the first e-mail to picking up our puppy, we had a fantastic experience.

We had an instant connection and had a complete understanding throughout the whole process. So, of course, we selected our perfect dog.

Our Aussie, Dixie, is an awesome puppy! She has stolen my heart! This is our second Australian Sheperd, so we are a little familiar with this breed of dog. Dixie, at three months,

Has the happiest personality a dog can have...she is always smiling! She makes friends (human and animal) ver quickly. She is also very smart and obeys commands. I'm amazed at what she can already perform. I'm sure in her lifetime she will amaze us with her awesome talents! We will forever be grateful to GCA for our wonderful pup. Dixie is a special young pup, but we know she will be a marvelous dog in the future. Speaking of the future, we will certainly contact you again for another dog. This will be firour daughter after is finishes college. So we look forward to another GCA experience.

We appreciate all you've done to make this a most remarkable event and for our Darlin' Dixie and all the joy she will bring to our family.


            Karen C. Brown

As a first-time buyer from a breeder, I was initially skeptical about purchasing a puppy I found on the internet. However, after expressing my concerns to Mrs. Barnes, she quickly put them to rest by calling me personally regarding the legitimacy of Gallant Cove Aussies and made me confident about the process. Although we discovered them online, we were welcomed to come see the whole litter and ended up choosing the same puppy we originally wanted. Mrs. Barnes let me, my husband, and our two children spend an ample amount of time with the litter and was extremely kind and friendly. The condition of the kennels was great—clean, spacious, and organized.

When it was time for us to pick up our Mak at eight weeks, they were not only quick to meet us (even though it was a few days before we planned), but they also gave us everything we needed in order to follow up with our veterinarian and to help Mak have an easy transition. We couldn’t have asked for a more informed, experienced, and pleasant breeder to do business with. There was never any doubt as to what needed to be done next, which was significantly important to me because he is my first puppy.

Mak is abundantly healthy, energetic, and remarkably intelligent for a puppy. I feel that this is fully due to the attentiveness and dedication of the Barnes family. They’ve also followed through with us, ensuring that we were up-to-date with his vaccinations, as well as regarding his overall well-being and even to wish us happy holidays. He is our first Australian Shepherd, and I feel like we will definitely be returning customers! 

Ali goes to Iowa by private plane that landed at the Gadsden Al. 

airport to be loved by Karlie & her family

Choosing my fur-baby from Gallant Cove Aussies was the best decision I have made. He is everything I have wanted and more. He is such a super sweet puppy and so smart already! Thank you Mrs. Barnes for all the help, advice and arrangements. Best customer service and the most beautiful dogs! I am so so glad I decided to purchase my Australian Shepard from y'all. I would recommend Gallant Cove to anyone looking for an Aussie. 5/5 best overall experience!! Thank you again!!!

Tallulah-My Heart-(BMF-Tonka/Sierra pup-2014)

Skye-Blue Merle Female-(Blake & Candice Stewart)

Belle "Cheyenne" being loved by her daddy "Ron" Panama City, FL

(Misty Pup)


Bugs ( Black Tri Tonka/Sierra pup)

Pictured above is Bugs, he meets Cowboy, Lil did he know his first hello would be his goodbye. Cowboy had to be put down. 


First of all, Tris is doing absolutely wonderful. I love her so much. She is the happiest dog I have ever seen. So silly and has so much personality. She is so friendly to people and dogs. Plus she is just stunning! I will get some good pics of her and get them to you.

Is your Ren puppy still available? Oh my goodness he is gorgeous. Are his eyes blue?

Thank you and hope you and all your furbabies are doing great!


-Pictured below Tris (BMF-Tonks/Sierra pup-2014)


Hello-Lhotse is turning into quite the dashing young dog-just got back from a trip down in southern Utah and of course the dogs loved it and actually turned quite pink as he rolled around in the red rock sand. Hope you are all well at Gallant Cove.....


Hi Vanneicia,

I hope you and your family are doing well and staying cool. I’ve seen your new puppies - what cuties!

I thought you might like to see Beau at 6-1/2 months old.

He loves water and has become an accomplished kayak dog. He gets excited when we put his doggie vest on because he knows we’re going for our morning kayak ride. He amazes people by how well he sits between us in the kayak (which would tip over very easily if he wasn’t still) and gets lots of compliments. He sits or lies down with a big smile on his face as we go for our morning ride. He knows we always stop for a swim and he absolutely LOVES swimming and playing fetch in the water!

I know he doesn’t need a life vest but those handles are great for lifting a 50+ pound dog into the kayak after a swim. Sometimes he rings the bells at the door, then nudges his doggie-vest hanging on the back porch and looks back at us with those beautiful eyes, telling us plain-as-day that it’s time for our kayak ride.

He’s very well-behaved, especially for a 6-month-old puppy, and is so much fun. He knows all his toys by name and, amazingly, can bring us the one we ask for. He’s very mellow, isn’t fearful of loud noises or thunder, and travels well. He’s very friendly with everyone and very affectionate.

Beau is a wonderful companion for us and we are so happy he is part of our family. We are very happy with our Gallant Cove Aussie and know his calm demeanor comes from his breeding. We are aware that many Aussies would not be happy living as a companion dog and have a strong need to herd and work. We are thankful that we found such a loving, affectionate, beautiful dog that fits us to a ’T’. He seems to be as happy with us as we are with him so all is well! Thanks so much, Karen & Charlie from Niceville, Florida


I could never express to you how much we adore Bella! She is absolutely brilliant, athletic, sweet, calm, playful and loving. She loves to play Frisbee and leaps up like a rocket almost never missing, no matter how bad I throw it. She also loves to take walks, and we constantly get stopped by people wanting to pet her and tell me what a beautiful dog I have. She is so good with my daughter and helps me put her to bed every night waiting patiently and quietly while getting her off to sleep, and she knows when to wake her up in the morning when it is time for school by leaping into the bed and snuggling until she is ready to wake up. She also is a big help with carpool and all the kids love it when she rides to pick up Madison from school. She is so good with our other two dogs and loves to play with them, but she is very careful not to play too rough especially with the Morkie who has become her best friend. Thank you for adding such an amazing addition to our family!

Ashley of Georgia.

( Misty/Tonka pup 2014)

Madi is so happy with her new best friend. They are attached at the hips. Thank you for raising such a sweet and loving puppy. The care you give really shows.

Tonka/Sierra pup


Calera, AL.

We had an amazing day! She is so smart and spunky! We have played until she had to nap and recharge then played some more :) I swear, she has already figured out to go to the door when she needs to potty! She is so cute but she amazes me how fast and agile she is to be so little haha, She runs all over the place already, follows me everywhere.

Tris (Tonka/Sierra pup) with Sam of (TN.)

March 2014

Tris-BMF-loving it in TN. (Tonka/Sierra pup)

Vannieca was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped us in our journey. We would 

recommend purchasing a puppy from her any day and will look to her again in the years to come

Dexter (Misty pup) with Jacque of Georgia-June, '2013

(Misty/Geo Pup)

We had a couple of miserable, rainy days so I looked up “how to entertain an active puppy indoors” and saw this suggestion for tying two empty plastic bottles together to make num-chucks (sp?). When the weather cleared we attached those to Taylor’s old zip cord and Beau is in heaven. He can drag them across the yard - or we can pull them and he can herd them. We had one tired puppy last night. We couldn’t believe he weighs 18.7 lbs - almost double what he was when we met you on 2-23! He’s consistently ringing the bells on the door to go outside - although sometimes he just does a token tinkle because he really just wants to go outside to play :-) We love him and he’s very good at sharing his affection with both of us. Taylor is looking forward to seeing him this weekend.

Karen (March 19'2014)

Beau happy living in Florida with Kathy & Charles (Misty pup)

Just wanted to let you know we had an uneventful trip home and Beau has done amazingly well. He's just been surprisingly well-adjusted for what I know is a major transition for him. He plays and chews and is very affectionate - then falls soundly asleep. He's explored part of the house and a little of the yard and has had dinner and done all the things he's supposed to do. I know he'll probably have some rough patches tonight. We'll be close by and will do our best to help him adjust in a calm and peaceful way. We have our powder room set up for him with a gate, food, water, crate, towel, blanket and toys. He and Charlie have gone out again (after his dinner). We also have a crate in our bedroom so we'll see what works best for him.

This evening we sat on the back porch with him, watching the sunset as we always do, and were amazed at how smart he was in figuring out how to back out underneath the stools when his leash got snagged. He's smart! Thanks, again, for sharing your puppy with us.

We'll keep in touch.


(Feb' 2014)

Doc playing in the water.

RMM-Misty pup

April 2014

Elaine holding Jake. Also pictured is Ricky and Rick from Pace, FL.

(Tonka/Sierra pup)

Brittany & Tyler of Gainesville, FL. with their new baby, Koda (Tonka-Sierra pup-2013)

Pictured below: Derrick, Natalie, Baylor, Mia, & Kaden of


Pictured to the right is

Tonka/Sierra 8 mos. pup-Baylor,

in Dothan, Alabama on 3/31/14

Pictured below Channa, Allie, Justin and Noah in front of San Fransico, CA bridge. (June 2013)-Misty/Geo pup

Below picture

Noah, Allie & Oliver (CA.)

Above picture Channa, Allie, Justin and Noah in front of San Fransico, CA bridge.

Noah & Allie is 1

 yrs. old in 


(May' 2014)

Misty/Geo pup

Toni (BMF) being loved by Adeline with her Blue Merle Female, Toni (Tonka/Sierra pup)

Pictured to the right

Adeline with 

Toni a Sierra/Tonka

Pup Red Merle 


Blue Merle Female

Tonka/Sierra pup

BMF-Lily @ 8 weeks. Belongs to Butch, of Louisiana Tonka/Sierra pup.

Lily grew up to be a beautiful girl. (Tonka/Sierra pup)

BMM-Tonka/Sierra pup